Configuring Cisco VPN Client for Windows

Windows 7 does not have the ability to connect to IPSEC VPNs with ease. The software that ships with the operating system is not configurable to connect your Windows computers to a Cisco IPSEC VPN.

As such, TCS reccommends that you use the native CISCO VPN client which is located in the "Downloads" section of the Portal.

After installation, configuring the client is pretty simple.. Just enter the following values:

Connection Entry: VPN
Description: VPN

Host: or

Group Authentication

Name: tcsvpnclient
Password: tcsremotevpn
Confirm : tcsremotevpn


Next window that opens is your personal username and Password..

This data will come from your service activation email.

If you have any problems, send an email to and we will get help to you as fast as possible!


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